Bangalore University Degree Results


Bangalore University Degree Results

bangalore university degree results

    bangalore university

  • Bangalore University (BU) is a public university located in Bangalore, Karnataka State, India. The university is one of the oldest in India, dating as far back as 1886, and is renowned as one of the leading major universities in India.


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bangalore university degree results – Universities and

Universities and colleges in Karnataka: Indian Institute of Science, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore
Universities and colleges in Karnataka: Indian Institute of Science, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore
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For certain is death for the born
And certain is birth for the dead;
Therefore over the inevitable
Thou should st not grieve

Bhagavad Gita (250 BC – 250 AD), Chapter 2

Prof BW Jatkar a great creative art photographer left his mortal remains on 31 July 2009.
I was informed of his sad demise by close friend Venay Pralkar, a few minutes back, I updated my earlier post of the Prof , that I had written 24 April 2007, as a blog.

Prof BW Jatkar was one of my photo gurus , he influenced me and we were very close , though I had not met him since almost two years , after his accident and hip bone injury.

I had spoken to him a month back and we talked about old times.

His wife too was not keeping well, and as I write this I was informed by Venay she is in hospital.

I cannot get across to his house number.

All my street photography, the bullock cart race, the seagulls shot from the boat, my photo sessions shot by Mr KG Maheshwari at Maheshwari House were in the presence of Jatkar Saab as we respectfully called him.

Prof Jatkar taught Photography at JJ School of Arts once upon a time and was the ex President of Photographic Society , and led from the front , a versatile creative photographer , a great human being.

Prof Jatkar was loud , baritone voice but was meek and humble in real life, he was a tough task master , but he saw that you got was Prof BW Jakar who introduced my to Mr KG Maheshwari, and we three were almost thick , but not as thieves , we took part in National and International Salon Photography..

It was Prof Jatkar who got me enrolled at FIP Kolkatta , , IIPC Delhi.
Because of the Prof Jatkar I became a member of PSA (America ) too.

Jatkar Saab loved caps and I made sure I gave him some as I had a large collection, I once stitched a safari suit for him, that pleased him a lot, I must confess whatever I am today , it is because of this great man, he made sure I unlearnt photography, and he talked about Kundalini uncoiling the serpent within – the Indian form of Cartier Bresson’s decisive moment.

There are far too many anecdotes , memories , he taught me printing, taking me personally to Mazda Color Lab, Color Art Mahim, Swastik Dadar was our haunt till Bhai Humne was alive.

Will the advent of digital , we both bought Nikon D 70 , gave our prints to Foto Fast, we kept bumping into each other at the various Photographic Society Annual day functions.

And I am sure if he was alive he would have invited me to come with him to attend the World Photography Day function on 19 August..wherever he went.

He loved his daughter Shivani and cried a lot if I ever asked about him about her , he had some emotional differences with his son , but they were sorted out, I would not want to hurt his memory by writing anything adverse.

I always told him to go and live with Shivani who is settled in America , but he was a pucca Mumbaikar..and very close to Mr Uddhav Thackeray too.

He was a photographers photographer .

I am happy that he was one of my Gurus and through this blog post I offer him Shraddanjali , may his Soul rest in Everlasting Peace..

People like Jatkar Saaab walk this planet once in a life time leaving pictures , awards , certificates of merits , and nostalgic moments as memories that Time can never erase..

I hope Shivani and her brother , their mother come to terms with the passing away of this giant of a man, larger than life but a candle burning in the wind..of timelessness.

Firoze Shakir
5 August 2009
8.36 pm
Bandra Mumbai

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Below his application for Honours sent by Mr KG Maheshwari

application for FSIIPC



1. a) Name of the Candidate : B.W. Jatkar, GD ART, APSI, AFIAP, AIIPC,


b) Address : Ramdas Bhavan, 1st Floor, Road No. 3

Shivaji Park, Mumbai 400 028 – India
Telephone : 022-4450173

c) Membership No. : FLM 26
Nominated by KG Maheshwari

4. Occupation (give details)

Retired Professor from J J Institute of Applied Arts 1967 to 1998. Been teaching Photography and V.C. designing in Sir J J Institute of Applied Arts – Mumbai and Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya in Nagpur University. Worked as an Examiner Paper Setter in both Applied Arts and Fine Arts sections (Photography including Videography and Cinematography). Have prepared syllabus of Photography courses – M.F.A., B.F.A. Degree course, Short Term and Long Term courses – Examination Patterns and Teaching Methods leading to Certificate, Diploma and Degree levels for Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University of Hyderabad, University of Goa and University of Mumbai.

5. Photographic Honors (with year of attaining):


Nationwide Junior Red Cross Camp at Bangalore University

Nationwide Junior Red Cross Camp at Bangalore University
During his vacation in India in December 2009, Tri-County Red Cross Emergency Service Director Michael Prasad had a chance to visit with the Indian Red Cross Society – Karnataka State Branch.

This is a photo of the group of kids at nation-wide Junior Red Cross camp held at Bangalore University.

bangalore university degree results

bangalore university degree results

Results: The Key to Continuous School Improvement, Second Edition
How do you know if your school is improving? Do you know what really works in reading programs . . . in writing . . . in math . . . in science? How do we measure what works? What about teaching to the test–or to the vast array of standards being mandated? How do we effectively use cooperative learning–and direct instruction–and alternative assessment? How do we sustain school reform? How do we get results–and measure them in terms of student achievement? In this expanded 2nd edition, Mike Schmoker answers these and other questions by focusing on student learning. By (1) setting goals, (2) working collaboratively, and (3) keeping track of student-achievement data from many sources, teachers and administrators can surpass the community’s expectations and facilitate great improvements in student learning. Through hundreds of up-to-date examples from real schools and districts, Schmoker shows how to achieve–and celebrate–both short- and long-term success. Here’s one example: Bessemer Elementary school in Pueblo, Colorado, has an 80-percent minority population. Between 1997 and 1998, the number of students performing at or above standard in reading rose from 12 to 64 percent; in writing, they went from 2 to 48 percent. Weekly, standards-focused, team meetings made the difference. As Schmoker says, “We cannot afford to overlook the rich opportunity that schools have to make a difference.” This second edition of Results: The Key to Continuous School Improvement includes the following: – a Foreword by Michael Fullan;
– a new Preface to the 2nd Edition by the author; – new information about cooperative learning, direct instruction,standards and assessments, and research and development; – new examples of successful schools; – new educational research by Michael Fullan, Robert Marzano, LindaDarling-Hammond, Bruce Joyce, Dennis Sparks, Linda Lambert, and Richard Dufour, among others; – new information on action research–by teachers as well as administrators–and other effective staff development initiatives; and – a new emphasis on cultivating teacher leaders–and how to do it.